Early May MovieDay

Early May MovieDay

The summer blockbusters are rolling out!

12:30 PM Iron Man 3

I forgot how fun it was to see a highly anticipated movie on opening weekend.  The theatre was packed and buzzing with excitement beforehand.

QUICK REVIEW: Meh. It was OK. I had trouble seeing the obstacles.  It wasn’t very clear how powerful the bad guys were, and Stark had an army of robotic Iron Man on his side. Robert Downey Jr. was of course great and charming.  Didn’t really care for anyone else.

2:45 PM Oblivion

Going into this one I was pretty excited. Say what you will about Tommy’s personal life, he’s usually in an entertaining movie.

QUICK REVIEW: I want to believe that I fell asleep and that I missed a majority of the movie.  Sadly that is just a dream, but it actually wasn’t.  Now I’m confused…  Whatever, just know I did not fall asleep. There were way too many plot holes and a ton of exposition that was completely unneeded.  Also, there was only one character that did anything interesting.  All the others were just filler so Tommy had someone to say something to. Interesting concept (sort of), but nothing more than that.

5:00 PM Pain & Gain

I like the Rock.  I smell what that man is cooking.

QUICK REVIEW: A fun movie that delivers. 3 idiots who were trying to be criminals. They were lovable and easily likable   The thing I really enjoyed is I didn’t want to see them win.  I was able to like the 3 main guys but still want to see justice served. I did feel bad that the 3rd lead had been almost completely cut out of promos. The trailers made it look like a buddy movie with Marky Mark and The Rock.