MovieDay: 2013 Summer Edition

5movsI have waited a few weeks and let some of the bigger releases build up so I could do a full day of movie going.  This is MovieDay: 2013 Summer Edition. I was able to pull off a nice pattern of high intense action, then comedy, then action, comedy, action. Made a great pacing for the day.

12:50 White House Down

I wasn’t too excited for this one, but thought it looked fun. Channing has surprised me in his last few movies so I figured this might be similar.  Also, how were they going to do a summer blockbuster without The Rock?  Can it be done?

QUICK REVIEW: Even though I didn’t see the first one that came out a few months ago, the plot was thin enough and dumbed down enough that it didn’t matter.  There was a large suspension of disbelief, and I often found myself thinking, “I don’t think it works like that.”  The biggest suspension for me (besides a black president and that Channing Tatum didn’t walk around in a thong at all times) was that the intruders instantly knew the White House phone system.  That was really the only true time I completely left the story as a viewer.  How did these guys know how to transfer calls so easily?  All in all, besides really needing The Rock, the movie was watchable, and at the very least we got this gem out of it: (I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum

3:20 Monsters University

The first one is easily one of my favorite movies.  Not sure why it needs a prequel, but figured I’d give PIXAR the chance.

QUICK REVIEW: When the short that accompanied it was dull, I lost a lot of excitement.  The pacing was intriguing at first, and got me excited to resee some of my favorite characters, but lost steam as the story settled in.  There was a great theme about lines, and earning the right to cross them, but overall was a very disappointing movie.  Could have used the voice talents of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

5:40 Man of Steel

I’ll be honest, I was only seeing this one so I could join in on the debate of Marvel/DC in film.  I also hate the originals and don’t see a need to keep this character alive in pop-culture.

QUICK REVIEW: Can Superman ever lose?  Is anyone ever really thinking he’s not going to win in the end? Ignoring that part, the Krypton debate they bring up in the movie made no sense.  Besides knowing that I’m supposed to be on Superman’s side, General Zodd wasn’t really evil.  He was just on the other side of the debate.  A debate that made little sense to me because the Kryptons were idiots that happily destroyed their planet and society.  Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson couldn’t fix this one.

8:10 The Heat

We rarely get to see a buddy movie starring two women, and I don’t think we ever had a buddy cop version with lady parts in the lead.

QUICK REVIEW: Not bad.  Melissa McCarthy is always hilarious. I can just watch her for hours.  There was a weird audience response to Bullock.  Every time she said a bad word or something vulgar the crowd went nuts.  The two played well off each other and I would definitely go see another movie with them as the buddy leads.  Maybe something with them against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

10:30 World War Z

I feel like I haven’t seen Brad Pitt in a popcorn flick in a long time. his last 50 movies had some kind of award contention.

QUICK REVIEW: Fun but no substance.  There were no character arcs (there really weren’t even characters). The movie just kind of stops. A lot of questions were unanswered.  More annoyingly, the questions were brought up by the movie itself, so I don’t know why they left them unanswered.  This one didn’t need The Rock per say, maybe just a body double in zombie make-up.

Saturday Matinee to All Day


This past Saturday marked my first MovieDay of 2013.  Just so everyone is caught up, a MovieDay is exactly what it sounds like.  A full day spent at the theaters jumping from one showing to the next.

Awards season is gearing up, so there are quite a bit of “good” films out right now.


For some unexplained reason, I was really looking forward to this movie.  I thought it would be a quick/cute movie filled with enough laughs to make the film passable.

QUICK REVIEW: I was wrong.  I don’t think I have ever been in a quieter theater.  After someone in the film would make a “joke” the audience was absolute silence.  You could literally hear a pin drop.  The humor seemed to be at a weird pace that killed jokes, and the plot was generic and nothing new.


There has been a lot of FaceBook buzz that made me excited for this film.  It’s the story of ‘Merica taking down Osama, how could it be that bad?  USA!!!  USA!!!  USA!!!

QUICK REVIEW: What was this movie about?  By the end of the film you’re led to feel like it was the hero’s journey, and her search to find Bin Laden.  But all she did was complain a lot until she got her way.  Ignoring the bad acting, she still didn’t actually do anything and at no point is there a reason to believe in her gut feelings over any one else’s.  You just know that she’s right.  You know they catch Bin Laden and that her hunches are correct.  But, there is never a reason as to why you should be getting behind her.

This movie also showed me how Seal Team 6 literally just crash landed and caused a huge cluster-fuck.  But it worked because we’re ‘Merica.  Fuck Bin Laden.  USA!!!  USA!!!  USA!!!


I wasn’t too excited for this film when hype started to get big around it, but my brother saw it and absolutely loved it.

QUICK REVIEW: Hate to use such an easy word, but this film was AMAZING!  First movie I didn’t hate Russell Crowe in.  It was a real pleasure seeing Helena Bonham Carter in a movie not directed by Tim Burton.  Also, she makes a ten times better wife to Sacha Baron Cohen than she ever will to Johnny Depp.


I was very interested in seeing this movie, but did no research beforehand, so I got super intrigued when the opening credits revealed that it was written by Matt Damon and John Krasinski.

QUICK REVIEW:  Not too shabby.  Had opposing characters, either of which you could really get behind.  It showed two reasonable explanations for being on opposite sides of a heated debate.  My only qualm is that stakes didn’t seem high enough.  Didn’t really care what the heros would gain or lose over the outcome.