Spinning Crossover

I have always been a huge fan of crossovers.  When I first saw Fred Flintstone and George Jetson together my diaper filled with bricks.  Seeing worlds collide and interact is amazing.  Needn’t look further than the Avengers to see how it’s a money making endeavor.  But, with film and TV these events are well planned.  The upcoming Simpsons/Family Guy crossover will have been 2 years in the making by time of release.


There is one medium that can deliver a complete and utter unplannedness of crossover.  That can give us a point in time when 2 completely random bodies touch.  YouTube.  Back in April of 2011, HugoSpins met Catchme1955.

The HugoSpins page stars Hugo Topaz, a disbarred lawyer who spends his newly gained free time spinning his cares and calories away (performance art?).  Catchme1955 is a page consisting of an eloquent balance of random occurrences in the page owner’s life (Jello Wrestling at his local bar) and favorited clips from his most watched TV shows (a lot of Married With Children).

One special day, Hugo decided to go spinning down main street.  A risky choice considering he usually crashes to the ground after a few minutes from dizziness.  Below is the video, the main point of interest occurs between 1:45 and 3:30.

That same day, Catchme1955 was on a scavenger hunt or something, and saw a strange man spinning.  His first instinct was to whip out a camera, record, and approach the strange man.  Video below:

Two complete strangers almost literally bumping into each other.  Now, I’ll concede that this is not the same caliber as a Jetson meeting a Flintstone, but this is what YouTube is all about.  Entertainment as a social media.

FunDay MovieDay on Sunday

About once a month I try to catch up on all the movies that I’ve missed in the theatres in one day.  I wish I had a more clever title for this event, but it is simply known as MovieDay (I made it one word to seem more elusive).

Now, it’s been a solid month so there were a bunch of movies I wanted to see:  Spiderman 4, Ted, Brave and Magic Mike.  Savages was added to the list due to timing.

This wasn’t so much a sequel as a reimagining.  And the Garfield advertised was the actor’s name, not the orange cat.  Hilarious joking aside, I was excited for this one.  Spiderman had always been my favorite Comic Character.
QUICK REVIEW:  All in all, I thought it was pretty weak.  I couldn’t help but compare it to the Raimi movie and it just didn’t match up.  Many times I felt like it was trying to separate itself from the original trilogy just to be able to separate itself.

12:20 PM TED
Everyone said that this one was just an episode of Family Guy.  My thought to that every time was, “so what?”
QUICK REVIEW:  It was an awesome episode of Family Guy!  It was funny and quick.  It also had some great cameos that didn’t come off cheap.  It also had a much better death scene than Spiderman.

Before the movie started I couldn’t help but realize I was like 1 of 4 guys in the theatre (mostly Asian chicks, go figure!).
QUICK REVIEW: So… Like… I’m gay now.
The theatre of women would giggle at every naked ass in the film, it was kind of childish.  Interestingly enough, I don’t think there was one real penis shown in the film.  I’m assuming the one shown was a fake, or the werewolf from True Blood earned his stripes in this film.

I didn’t really want to see this one.  It just fit perfectly into the schedule.
QUICK REVIEW: Pointless.

6:50 BRAVE
I heard so many mixed reviews on this but decided PIXAR gets a free pass on reviews, and always deserves a viewing (except for Cars 2 of course).
QUICK REVIEW: Cute.  Pixar is getting more and more into “kids movies”, than “movies for all ages”.  I would take my nieces to see it, but I wouldn’t take a date.  It was funny and kept me interested, but didn’t live up to its PIXAR name.