Dude, Magic!!!

Dude, Magic!

So dude.  I went to the Magic Castle last night.  Which is a flippin’ castle full of magic!!  Dude, I saw so much magic, it was cray cray.

There was this one guy, he played with these like large rings and stuff. But these were like steel rings.  Impenetrable.  But somehow, he like got them to intertwine and stuff.  He was followed by this couple, who like couldn’t decide what to wear (haha). That’s funny because they kept switching costumes like instantly! It’s was insane-o-matic.

Oh, oh!  DUDE!!!!  Then we saw this like Asian guy do some close up magic.  It’s not racist because he was a magician, but this Chinese dude had some lightning fast hands.  I mean, I could like totally tell he had some slight of hand tricks, but it was still really boss.

OMG, I almost totes forgot, there was this piano.  And this piano was being played by a ghost.  BY A FLIPPIN’ GHOST!!!!!!  All you had to do was go up to the piano, and be like, “Play me Beat It” and the ghost would play it!!!!!  Of course, we all like stumped it, stupid ghost.  Can’t even play Game of Thrones Theme, HA!

Then there’s the big ending!!!  We saw this dude who was not only gifted in the magical arts, but was funny as crap!  He like, made jokes and stuff during his routine, it was classic!  The dude was some kind of sorcerer.  He asked 3 random dudes for their rings, then got some other dude to hold the rings, then had the dude holding the rings close his palm, when he opened his palm the rinGS WERE INTERTWINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I KNOW!!!!!! How’d he do it?  No clue, dude.  No. Flippin. Clue.

It was totes sweet my man!!!  Best night of magic ever!