Garfield on Garfield – by James A. Garfield

Something I have been asked to comment on time and time again is my opinion on the comic-strip Garfield.  Before I give my opinion, I just want it known that just because we share the same name does not mean there is some spiritual connection between us.  That being said, I want it known that I adore that Monday-hating, lasagna-loving, fur ball!

I hate to admit it, but I really fell in love with the orange cat in the late 80’s with his hit Saturday morning show Garfield and Friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I like reading but there is just a simple peace at mind when you can just lay back on your old Victorian-style sofa, and space out at the ol’ boob tube.

It was love at first sound.  Oh, Garfield’s voice (played then by the incomparable Lorenzo Music) was music to my ears (pun not intended, but totally adds to the the grand mystic of an amazing voice talent).  Today I find it interesting that Bill Murray replaced him for the film version and he replaced Bill Murray for the cartoon version of Ghostbusters.  We often find these connections in life.  Not quite the same, but Abraham Lincoln’s son, Todd, was my secretary of war.  Abe and I were the first two Presidents assassinated while in office.  That is kind of an odd connection.  I mean if I was at a bus stop chatting about interesting connections I would most likely bring up the Garfield/Ghostbusters one and not my own personal one, but I still feel it is an interesting happening.

Now, I can ramble on for hours about the cartoon.  I could easily discuss U.S. Acres, or as I like to refer to them, the Barnyard Buddies (I like alliteration).  I could discuss the out-off-sight theme song, that always ended with a clever quip by the feline himself (personal favorite “Hey Heathcliff, eat your heart out”). But I wont.  It is obvious that the show was radically-super-awesome, there is no need for me to say that again and again.  Sadly, the same goes for the movies.  They are so awful there is no need for me to comment on them.  I will say this.  I would rather watch The View back when Rosie O’Donnell was on than watch the Garfield films (INTERESTING FACT: Both Rosie and Garfield get their fair-share of lasagna).

With the downfall of the films, Garfield may have died for many of you.  But let me send you along an internetic journey.  Garfield Minus Garfield.  Check that shit out.  It is amongst the funniest stuff I have ever had the pleasure to read, and I read the manuscripts to Huck Finn, twice.  If you don’t know, Garfield Minus Garfield just takes the Garfield Comics where Jon Arbuckle co-stars and removes Garfield.  This lets us into the world of a very disturbed pet owner.

Garfield has meowed and lazily eaten his way into all of our hearts.  Many may wonder why, but  It is quite obvious.  Have an awesome name that makes others think of an outgoing, diligent, hard-working, ex-president.  Why do you think Lincoln Logs are played with so much and Clinton Pacifiers flopped?