Taco Bell: What can you get for $192.63?

Late the other night, I ventured to a Taco Bell to grab fourthmeal.  I made my order: 2 soft tacos just meat and cheese, a chicken burrito, and a beefy nacho burrito (they change the name of this one all the time, it’s very frustrating. As of now it’s on the menu as a Beefy Nacho Griller.).  I begin driving to the pickup window, I see the workers handing bag after bag to a station wagon in front of me. Because Taco Bell has a little computerized price announcer, I can see what their total bill was… $192.63.

One-Hundred Ninety Two Dollars and Sixty-Three Cents.

My bill is always the same. $4.96.  Their order was over 38 times more expensive than mine.

Who was all this food for?  My order is cheaper than most, and others can eat more than me. So instead of thinking this meal was feeding 38 people, let’s cut that to 20.  That’s still absurd though, right?

Below are some visual graphs that show different options of what the car could have gotten at Taco Bell for that money.  I’ve broken it up a few ways, trying to imagine who could have been ordering.

My Order:

Just for reference, here is what my order looks like.


You can see; my total, how much I’d have left over if I had $192.63, how many calories the whole order has, and the probability of me getting diarrhea.

Most Expensive:

Let’s assume this was a family getting the most expensive things on the menu. Perhaps they are some larger Europeans visiting the States, and this was the only restaurant open after a long day of sightseeing.


I tried to give them variety. Besides the drinks and desserts, each item cost over $5.00. Family of four, so each member got one of the most expensive drink items.  They each also got a dessert, with Ma and Pa getting double dessert.

Cat Lady:

Maybe it was a middle-aged woman and her grocer (they’re dating, but keeping it hush-hush) buying a months worth of lunches and they are headed home to package and freeze it all. In this instance, I see them getting a small variety. Changing what they eat day to day, making 5 meals for the week.


If she is unfreezing each of these meals for lunch (Monday-Friday), she is having over 9 weeks of lunches. Her grocer was just coming along for the ride and to help pack, so she bought him a soda and a churro.

Here’s her lunch schedule if interested:


Mrs. Doubtfire:

Then again, maybe its a down-on-his-luck father who has been posing as his ex-wife’s maid so he can see his children. The ex-wife is hosting a big TexMex themed lunch tomorrow, and the Mrs. Doubtfire guy can’t cook to save his life.


As you can see, he tried to have a variety.  It’s really going to depend on his presentation if the TexMex themed lunch gets pulled off.  As long as he disposes of all wrappers, he should be good.

Suicide Pact:

This last one takes a dark turn. But a knife or gunshot is not the way most want to die. Maybe two good friends made a suicide pact and were going to eat themselves to death.


Death by Loaded Potato Griller.  Not the way I’d want to go. RIP.

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