In a few months I am expected to attend my first Comic-Con in San Diego.  To prepare for the big occasion this past weekend some friends and I went to WonderCon, Comic-Con’s adopted cousin.

One word comes to mind after attending the event, BUTT.

Before I explain further let me just say I enjoyed the convention and I would fully recommend going if you have the chance.

Butt (noun) fleshy part that forms the lower rear area of a human trunk. The easy explanation goes to CosPlay.  Some of you may jump to cute Asian butts in some weird anime costume.  I’ll just say it’s a double edged sword.  All God’s children are beautiful, but some do look better in a thonged version of the Pink Power Ranger.

Fat Ass

“BUT it’s nostalgic.”  For this one I have to drop a T.  This is what I would tell myself when I bought something relatively stupid, like X-Men action figures or Star Wars Posters.

The BUTT of the industry.  Now, I was really happy to attend a few of the panels that WonderCon had to offer.  But, there is no denying that these weren’t the big names of the industry.

Overall, this was a laid back convention that was fun to attend.  I learned a bit from a few professionals and got to play with toys that 10 year-old Alex would envy.  I also got to see a thonged version of the Pink Power Ranger (this was pleasant enough to repeat).


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