Saturday Matinee to All Day


This past Saturday marked my first MovieDay of 2013.  Just so everyone is caught up, a MovieDay is exactly what it sounds like.  A full day spent at the theaters jumping from one showing to the next.

Awards season is gearing up, so there are quite a bit of “good” films out right now.


For some unexplained reason, I was really looking forward to this movie.  I thought it would be a quick/cute movie filled with enough laughs to make the film passable.

QUICK REVIEW: I was wrong.  I don’t think I have ever been in a quieter theater.  After someone in the film would make a “joke” the audience was absolute silence.  You could literally hear a pin drop.  The humor seemed to be at a weird pace that killed jokes, and the plot was generic and nothing new.


There has been a lot of FaceBook buzz that made me excited for this film.  It’s the story of ‘Merica taking down Osama, how could it be that bad?  USA!!!  USA!!!  USA!!!

QUICK REVIEW: What was this movie about?  By the end of the film you’re led to feel like it was the hero’s journey, and her search to find Bin Laden.  But all she did was complain a lot until she got her way.  Ignoring the bad acting, she still didn’t actually do anything and at no point is there a reason to believe in her gut feelings over any one else’s.  You just know that she’s right.  You know they catch Bin Laden and that her hunches are correct.  But, there is never a reason as to why you should be getting behind her.

This movie also showed me how Seal Team 6 literally just crash landed and caused a huge cluster-fuck.  But it worked because we’re ‘Merica.  Fuck Bin Laden.  USA!!!  USA!!!  USA!!!


I wasn’t too excited for this film when hype started to get big around it, but my brother saw it and absolutely loved it.

QUICK REVIEW: Hate to use such an easy word, but this film was AMAZING!  First movie I didn’t hate Russell Crowe in.  It was a real pleasure seeing Helena Bonham Carter in a movie not directed by Tim Burton.  Also, she makes a ten times better wife to Sacha Baron Cohen than she ever will to Johnny Depp.


I was very interested in seeing this movie, but did no research beforehand, so I got super intrigued when the opening credits revealed that it was written by Matt Damon and John Krasinski.

QUICK REVIEW:  Not too shabby.  Had opposing characters, either of which you could really get behind.  It showed two reasonable explanations for being on opposite sides of a heated debate.  My only qualm is that stakes didn’t seem high enough.  Didn’t really care what the heros would gain or lose over the outcome.

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