Hydration: The Secret to My Success – by Bret Hart

Hi. I’m international wrestling great Bret “Hit-Man” Hart.  But you guys can call me Hit-Man, or Bret!  But please, don’t call me Mr. Hart.  That name’s reserved for my father, Stu Hart.  Who also happens to be an international wrestling icon.

I’m here today because I’d like to discuss the importance of staying hydrated during a workout.  Many people will repeatedly tell you that the most important thing to remember before working out is to stretch.  Though I disagree that that’s the most important, I don’t want to ignore the value of a good stretch.  Back in ‘94 I had a fight with Yokozuna, and I did not stretch beforehand.  I still won the match and became the WWE World Champion (for the 2nd time), but my left glute was shot and I had to spend the weekend soaking it in water that was near freezing!

Let’s get back to hydration.  I’m sure you all don’t want to hear me harp on about my wrestling career.  A career that has now spanned for 5 decades.  A career that consists of 5 WWE champion titles, 2 WCW champion titles,  wrestler of the year award voted by fans and Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and ranked the #39 best Canadian ever.  Wow!  How did I accomplish so much?  3 Syllables; Hy-Dra-Tion.

I know what you’re thinking, “Mr. Hart, how did something as simple as hydration give you the power to wrestle even after countless concussions and being completely paralyzed on your left side?”  My response to that is simple, “First off, don’t call me Mr. Hart.  And Second, hydration gave my body the energy it needed to work through months of physical therapy to reach near perfect health!”

Perfect health.  What a concept.  If one looks at my abilities they would probably think that I’m in perfect health.  Maybe one day I was.  Hell, I’m 55.  I’ll be the first one to admit that I look more like a 57 year old than a 55 year old.  That’s what happens to someone that tries to live 3 lifetimes in the span of one.  The human body can only take so much.  How many times can I defeat The Undertaker and still have that special glow the next day?  How many nights can I compete in multiple matches, and still take my family to Disney World in the morning?  The questions can go on and on.

Let me wrap this up.  Water is important, okay.  Trust me on this one.  Be sure to drink a lot before, during, and after any form of physical activity.

Bret “Hit-Man” Hart

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