FunDay MovieDay on Sunday

About once a month I try to catch up on all the movies that I’ve missed in the theatres in one day.  I wish I had a more clever title for this event, but it is simply known as MovieDay (I made it one word to seem more elusive).

Now, it’s been a solid month so there were a bunch of movies I wanted to see:  Spiderman 4, Ted, Brave and Magic Mike.  Savages was added to the list due to timing.

This wasn’t so much a sequel as a reimagining.  And the Garfield advertised was the actor’s name, not the orange cat.  Hilarious joking aside, I was excited for this one.  Spiderman had always been my favorite Comic Character.
QUICK REVIEW:  All in all, I thought it was pretty weak.  I couldn’t help but compare it to the Raimi movie and it just didn’t match up.  Many times I felt like it was trying to separate itself from the original trilogy just to be able to separate itself.

12:20 PM TED
Everyone said that this one was just an episode of Family Guy.  My thought to that every time was, “so what?”
QUICK REVIEW:  It was an awesome episode of Family Guy!  It was funny and quick.  It also had some great cameos that didn’t come off cheap.  It also had a much better death scene than Spiderman.

Before the movie started I couldn’t help but realize I was like 1 of 4 guys in the theatre (mostly Asian chicks, go figure!).
QUICK REVIEW: So… Like… I’m gay now.
The theatre of women would giggle at every naked ass in the film, it was kind of childish.  Interestingly enough, I don’t think there was one real penis shown in the film.  I’m assuming the one shown was a fake, or the werewolf from True Blood earned his stripes in this film.

I didn’t really want to see this one.  It just fit perfectly into the schedule.
QUICK REVIEW: Pointless.

6:50 BRAVE
I heard so many mixed reviews on this but decided PIXAR gets a free pass on reviews, and always deserves a viewing (except for Cars 2 of course).
QUICK REVIEW: Cute.  Pixar is getting more and more into “kids movies”, than “movies for all ages”.  I would take my nieces to see it, but I wouldn’t take a date.  It was funny and kept me interested, but didn’t live up to its PIXAR name.

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