Press Release: “September: An Album for October”

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime?  Are you sure?  Are you really sure?  Like, seriously, are you totally sure you are ready for the damnedest, greatest most thrill-some experience you have ever had, ever?  Well, then you are in luck!  Coming next October to stores near you (if you happen to be in the tri-county area) is the first album produced/enhanced/ and written by ALEX SHERMAN.

An album?  But I didn’t know Alex had any musical talent.  Now, you can decide for yourself as Alex releases “September: an Album for October” a 16-track roller coaster ride of emotion.  Featuring songs comparable to the offspring of Creed and The Offspring.  Also featuring songs accompanied by:  Sticks, A Deaf Leopard, Justin Barber, and Destiny’s Child.

I know what you’re thinking.  An album that sounds this cool, it must be like a million bajillion dollars!!!!!  Wrong!!!!!  It is only $18.99!!!!  What a steal (please do not steal any albums).  So, be sure to head to your local CVS next October and pick up a copy of Alex Sherman’s “September: an Album for October!”

3 responses to “Press Release: “September: An Album for October”

  1. Though its “swag” and “flare” leaves the listener perspiring and gasping for more, it’s rugged, almost carnal approach leaves the listener with an almost primal sensation. Due to the infernally limited communication methods this blog leaves me with, the best way I can describe this jaw-dropping insta-classic is by telling you that right now I am jumping up and down, grabbing my crotch listening to it. Good show, old chap!

  2. …but i believe it is spelled ‘Def Leppard.’ Are you making some kind of handicapped joke because of the drummer?

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