Banana Pants!

Or should it be Banana Pants?  (Notice the difference of punctuation).  See Banana Pants! (with the exclamation point) sounds fun and adds a bit of interest.  For me the first question that pops to mind is why is the person writing so gosh-darn excited about these Banana Pants?  Then again Banana Pants? (with the question mark) does make a lot more sense.  I mean what are Banana Pants?  Are they pants made out of bananas or the peels of bananas?  Or maybe they are the pants a banana wears.  But you don’t call them human pants right?  But then again no other species wears pants, and maybe if they did we would call them human pants.  So maybe it is a futuristic idea.  Maybe the writer is a dreamer who feels someday all of the Earth’s creatures will be equal and all wear pants.  Or maybe not at all.

Back to Banana Pants! with the exclamation point.  I think it may be that way in the end, because that just causes confusion, and confusion is life.  Maybe it was a poet that first wrote about Banana Pants.  Maybe his (or her) outlook on life was beyond ours.  Wouldn’t it be something if it was a third grader or something silly like that.  Some little third grader turns in a spelling test and all it says is “Banana Pants!”.  I mean they did a good job, unless there were more words needed.  To be honest I didn’t save my third grade spelling tests so I don’t remember how many words we usually had to spell.  I am pretty sure it was more than two but I dont want to make any assumption.  Lets just say it was a third grader because then I have a nice little situation in my head where the teacher reading the tests, looks at the paper and says, “Banana Pants!” then immediately says, “Banana Pants?”.

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