About the pictures…

As many of you may have heard, or seen, some pictures of me in compromising poses have leaked to the online community.  I assure you these pictures were in no way to offend.  They were meant for a select few and were an inside joke of sorts.

If it makes anyone feel better, I told my mother beforehand that I would be taking pictures like these.  I understand that some of you may be more creeped out by that, but my mother understands a good satirical political joke as much as the next guy.  And just because her son appears with no pants on doesn’t mean the message the pictures were striving to showcase doesn’t exist.  I would fight that the fact that I am nude on the 3rd step of a 12 step ladder only highlights the overall message.

Letters of explanation and remorse were hand delivered (by my assistant) to the few families depicted in the pictures.  Both Mrs. Gooding Jr. and Mrs. Gibson have agreed that the images were more humorous than offensive, and neither are pressing charges.

So, if we all could, lets forget about these pictures and move on.  I understand a number of you have uploaded them as your facebook profile picture.  And, as I can see the humor in that, I feel it is more of an attack on me.  I will bare no longstanding grudge, but I do ask you to take them down.

Peace and God bless.

-Alex J. Sherman

P.S. And don’t worry about the chicken from the pictures, it lived.

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