And it Began…

Well alright!  Just moving in to this new little site.  Still figuring out some bugs.  As most of you may know I have a few other sites, check those out if you haven’t. is a site dedicated to a Web-Series that I created. is my other site, dedicated to the comedy troupe I helped find.  The site you are currently on is the first site dedicated solely to me and my work.  Whoa!  Amazing right?  One can easily get lost in the greatness of these pages so it is best to run through this site with a friend, or two.  No grandmothers though.  I don’t have time to list the reasons just please no grandmothers.

As you can clearly see with the page headers much of my work can be found on this site.  I will be continuously updating with newer works, and posts.  Blogging about what I care about most… Golden Retrievers! Yes, yes other fascinating topics may also arise: unicorns, Andrew (Emily’s little brother), Quidditch results, and daily activities, but it will mostly be a front to talk about Golden Retrievers.

3 responses to “And it Began…

  1. Oh my! I’m so flattered to be in the first post. I guess sometimes I don’t realize the effect I have on unknown comedians. 🙂

  2. Alex this site is awesome! keep up the good work bud! I hope to come out and visit you at some point when i can get some money! hope all is well out west!

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